E. Dictionary, . Image, and . Cluster, ANIMALS, All kinds of animals, birds, mammals, alive, animal, green , animal placed in a tree, panoramic views, animals, oiseau, mammifere, unique, Living animals, Cluster 2: any image containing people, people is the main subject, people , costume, activity, men, women, group, seat, walk, stand, one,or,few,persons, human being, art, folklore, child, live, smart, wise, personnages humains, nationalities, traditions, societes humaines ; diversite ; peuples, ce qui fait penser aux vacances, aux lieux touristiques, endroits a visiter Photos of folklore around the world, show; celebrity; costume; disguise , hommes, traditional, costume, performance, people doing something together or alone, wear for special cultural events, social activities Cluster 3: nice scenary that could be taken on holidays, well-known monuments, building, street, electricity, monument, castle, recognizable, landscape with human buildings, towers, monument, batiment, pont, constructions humaines, paysages non naturels, famous sights, monuments, bridges, ce qui fait penser aux vacances, aux lieux touristiques, endroits a visiter, monuments, architecture, ARCHITECTURE, MONUMENTS Famous sites around the world, buildings; beaches; holidays; scenery; castles, castles, famous, old, city landscape, interest object mostly surrounded by sky, Historic buildings, religious buildings Cluster 4: nice scenary that could be taken on holidays, landscape without particular focus, grass, sky, nature, nature, postcard, nature, landscape without visible human presence, landscape,contryside,sea,beach,mountain, paysage, nature, water, tree, sky, earth, coasts, forests, castels, houses, paysage de cartes postales buildings; beaches; holidays; scenery; castles nature , widescreen, water and land separated by a long line, natural landscapes , urban landscapes, panoramic views, animals, eau, montagne, verdure, plage Cluster 5: nice scenary that could be taken on holidays, landscape without particular focus, water, sea, ships, boat, nature, postcard, landscape with human buildings, cars,boats,planes, nature Photos of sports, buildings; beaches; holidays; scenery; castles vehicule, marine, boats, means of transport, panoramic views, animals, machines or instruments

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