E. Irradiation, . Iron-based, and . Superconductors-figure, As 2 single crystal with x = 0.065 ? 0.07 # 3 cut 1, (b) Ba(Fe 1?x Co x ) 2 As 2 single crystal with x = 0.065 ? 0.07 # 3 cut 1.1 2.5 MeV electron irradiated with 0.5 C/ cm 2 and (c) Ba(Fe 1?x Co x ) 2 As 2 single crystal with x = 0.065 ? 0.07 # 3 cut 1.2 2.5 MeV electron irradiated with 2.7 C/ cm 2 . The images (a,b,c) show the progressive admission of an ac magnetic field of magnitude 1 Oe, applied perpendicularly to the sample surface, as the temperature is raised. In these flux density maps, areas of high luminous intensity I correspond to the value of the applied field, while dark areas correspond to zero field, (i.e. full screening) Crystals shown in (b,c) were cut out from the big crystal shown in (a) with a dashed line, Here the squares represent the regions where the data is selected for the transmittivity curves presented in Figure 9

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