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Q. R_rs and . R_rd, Capacitance QUANTITY Vcgd across Icgd through Gate to D1; QUANTITY Vcgs across Icgs through Gate to S1; QUANTITY Vcgb across Icgb through Gate to Bulk

=. Ut, UNICELL_temp + CONSTCtoK) * CONSTKoverQ; model_UNICELLoxideCapFact == EPSOX /model_UNICELLoxideThickness

=. Xn, +. , *. Nfs, and . Oxidecap, (psis-PHI_FUN(UNICELL_temp + CONSTCtoK )-Vs)/(ut))- 1.0))**0.5; psid == Vg-Vfb-GAMMA_FUN*, pp.psid+ut*(exp((psid-PHI_FUN

M. ==-mobility_fun, 1.0 + model_UNICELLthetad*(psid-psis)+ model_UNICELLthetag*(ksi1+ksi2), UNICELL_temp + CONSTCtoK)

=. Lc, 0*model_UNICELLeta*model_UNICELLxj- (model_UNICELLeta*model_UNICELLxj+yd)*(1.0-(xd/(model_UNICELLxj+wjd))**model_UNICELLalpha) -(model_UNICELLeta*model_UNICELLxj+ys)*(1.0- (xs/(model_UNICELLxj+wjs))**model_UNICELLalpha)

=. Effectivelength and . Lc, 0*model_UNICELLlatDiff; --Drain Current alpha1 == (Vg-Vfb+ut)*(psid-psis)-0

-. Oxidecap, =. , *. Effectivelength, and *. Here_unicell_w, IF (DOMAIN = TIME_DOMAIN) or (DOMAIN = FREQUENCY_DOMAIN) USE --TIME DOMAIN and FREQUENCY DOMAIN DomainType == 1.0; --Capacitance C_CGD == MEYER_C_CGD

=. Icgb, . C_cgb, and . Vcgb, QUIESCENT DOMAIN DomainType == 2.0; --Capacitance C_CGD == 0.0; C_CGS == 0.0; C_CGB == 0.0; Icgd == 0.0; Icgs == 0.0; Icgb == 0.0; END USE