. Korngrößenverteilung, Korngrößenklasse J\nteil in ~-~ Siebmaschenweite L-Durchgang in M

F. .. Use, . Declarations_sisyphe, . Only, and T. Vce, ? added to the code structure of Sisyphe via the user-subroutine qsform, DOUBLE PRECISION :: C1 DOUBLE PRECISION, 2003.

C. =. Grav->-taken-out, C. , T. X=qsc, Y. , Z. Call-os-(-'x=xy-', et al., XMVE ! missing gravitation term, make true to dimension

N. Version, . No, . Consistent, . Projection, and . Yes, YES for non-hydrostatic version MATRIX STORAGE = 3 / edge-based storage

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