B. 1. Multinomial and . Logit, DESCRIPTIVE STATISTICS AND TABLES Variables Congestion from CNOR Congestion to CNOR Log-odds mfx Log-odds mfx CNOR Hydro 0

. Year5-0, 660*** -0.00262*** -1.531*** -0

B. Table, Estimations for CNOR-CSUD Variables Congestion from SARD Congestion to SARD Log-odds mfx Log-odds mfx SARD Hydro 0

. Year3-4, 018*** -0.00108*** -1.897*** -0

. Year4-8, 216*** -0.00254*** -1.873*** -0

B. Table, Estimations for CSUD-SUD Variables Congestion from SICI Congestion to SICI Log-odds mfx Log-odds mfx SICI Hydro 0

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