, The SCC of the dual set system induced by objects with union complexity ? is??is? is??(m) = O(?(m)/m), which together with Theorem 3 implies the stated bound. The value of ?(m) is O(m) for triangles with approximately same size [80], O(m log * m) for ?-fat triangles [48](where the constant of proportionality depends only on ?), and O(m2 log * m ) for locally ?-fat objects, Remember that the dual of a semi-algebraic set system is itself semi-algebraic (Lemma 1.3)

, R) be the set system induced on a set X of n points in R 2 by the family of axis-parallel rectangles. Aronov, Ezra, and Sharir [10] show that there is another set system R on X with SCC ? R (m, l) = O (l · log m)

, The other results follow from the facts that the SCC ?(m, l) ? of the primal set system induced on R 2 is O(m) for lines, O(ml) for strips, and O(ml 2 ) for cones, vol.86

, Macbeath Regions [1, +?). Perhaps some kind of interpolation could be defined on grid graphs of distinct dimensions, ? of the primal set system induced on R 2 by pseudodisks is

, ? Describe the exchange graphs for Terrain Guarding (see page 96). Can our lower bound construction be adapted to this problem?

, Prove the conjecture on page 97: the correct value of c 5 (the left-to-right ratio for planar 5-expanding graphs) is 3. More generally, determine c k for all k

, ? In practice, local search algorithms may be initialised from a feasible solution chosen at random. The choice of local improvements could also be random whenever several candidates are available. What can still be said about the efficiency of local search? Are there instances were not only some but most possible search paths end at a solution whose value is far from the optimum?

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