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P. On and . Applications-mentioned, Cylindrical centimeter sample of foamed hydrogel. (b) Direct binocular view of bubbles solidified in gel matrix. (c) 3D µ-CT reconstruction of the internal structure of the (open and connected) foam. (d) Material produded in a 1 mm square capillary, for flow experiments. (e) Confocal imaging showing 1 µm colloids flowing in the porosity B. The matrix itself contains a fluorescent dye and appears as A. (f) Particle trajectories in the porosity, highlighting two main regions: fast flow near the inter-bubble connections in C and dead-ends where colloidal diffusion prevails in D, CONCLUSION Colloidal transport in inverted RCP matrices Figure

, The method was developed by S. Parsa Moghaddam and Y. Edery; Harvard Univeristy)

, Sinter it to fix the system (beads slightly melt

, ? Vacuum until full saturation of the medium